Planning a trek is a lot of work… Let us do that for you, so you can just enjoy Patagonia!

You did an absolutely amazing job helping me plan the perfect trip. It was so nice to have the ability to take time to really look at and ponder the wonders of nature in a breath taking landscape. Your love of Patagonia is infectious, thanks!
Avery Patten3 day kayak trip & Paine Circuit adventurer

There’s more! Check out what we include on each one of our trips:

Support and Logistics

Great advise on what to bring and what to wear before and during your trip


Transportation, Accommodation, etc.

On site Briefing

We’ll meet before your trip at Puerto Natales to solve all your doubts.

Our special travel guide book

Something you won’t get anywhere else! A PDF document with the best info, tips and recommendations for your particular trip.

Questions? We will be happy to help!