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Radu & Nicholas (USA) - January 2023 - W Circuit
Radu & Nicholas (USA)

Radu & Nicholas (USA)

January 2023, W Circuit trip
“My son and I are avid hikers, we have hiked together hundreds of miles, all of them in the USA, mostly in National Parks. The Grand Teton Crest Trail was our number one favorite trail. Since my son was in highschool until last year, we never had the chance to travel to the Southern Hemisphere, the winter vacations were always too short.

I had promised him years ago that, as soon as he goes to college, we’ll go hiking in Patagonia.

When you are waiting for years for a trip like this, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. I’ve done some research and decided to go with a local company to take care of all the arrangements for the W trek. We were looking to stay in ‘refugios’, spend four nights on the trail and do an ice-hike on the Grey glacier.
Hello Patagonia turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. All the details were perfectly taken care of and Leslie worked with us through all the steps, from the original planning to the pre-hike preparation in Puerto Natales, we stayed in touch during the trek via the wifi connection available at the refugios and after the trek was over, we picked up our baggages at the Hello Patagonia office.

It was an amazing trip, needless to say, the Torres del Paine W trek is our new favorite hiking trip. We were surrounded by beauty for five days in a row, it is not just ‘the towers’, there is so much more to see on the W trek.

We will be back for sure and work again with Hello Patagonia. We are missing Chile already, and it’s only a few months. Keep up the great work you are doing!”
Lupita & Hector (USA / Mexico) December 2022 - W Basecamp
Lupita & Hector (USA)

Lupita & Hector (USA)

December 2022 – W Basecamp

Planning our honeymoon trip to Torres del Paine with Hello Patagonia was the best decision we could have made!

We started planning 4 months out, and quickly realized this was a logistically difficult trip to plan (getting to Puerto Natales, booking the campsites, knowing which hikes to schedule when, staying on top of other scheduling details like the catamaran, etc.). Having done it now, we are so grateful to have had the team plan all of the logistics for us! On the trail, we saw how others had their plans change due to weather, and we were so lucky that our itinerary was flexible yet didn’t compromise the quality of experience, accommodations, etc. Hello Patagonia put together the perfect itinerary and allowed room for modifications along the way.

We did the W Basecamp trek, which was 3 nights/4days, and included the following hikes/sites: the French Valley, Grey Glacier, Base of the Towers, and 2-3 other smaller hikes sprinkled in. We saw the best of the W trek (and more that you won’t see on that trail), with the comfort of being at the same campsite everyday, not having to carry our tents and big bags, and having the flexibility to modify as needed. It was very well thought out, carefully planned, and Hello Patagonia took care of ALL the details down to booking all entrance and transportation tickets within the park (park entrance, catamaran, grey glacier boat, etc).

Our driver, Juan Pablo, made our experience that much more special. He was very knowledgeable about the park and region, gave us a variety of options for small hikes (when we weren’t doing the longer ones like French Valley and Base Torres), and really made sure our experience was tailored and enjoyable. Leslie and Jacquie were tremendously helpful during the trip planning phase (I sent them many many messages with questions leading up to the trip and they were both responsive and very helpful!) We had a briefing the day before our itinerary started and it was thorough, useful, and welcoming. We felt the team really overdelivered on customer service.

This was our honeymoon trip, so as much as adventure was involved, we also wanted a certain level of comfort.

Staying at the Pehoe campsite was the best, it was the nicest campsite in the park (we would not have known this!) and the view of the lake and mountains was incredible. The meals we had everyday were more than we expected, and included a FULL breakfast (coffee, eggs, yogurt and granola, fresh fruit, and toast!) and FULL dinner (salad, soup, main dish and dessert. They also packed our bagged lunch each day. Our guide set up our campsite, and even when we offered to help him take it down, he let us enjoy a slow breakfast instead. Our campsite was very comfortable and fully equipped.

I could go on about how wonderful our experience was with Hello Patagonia, it really made our trip seamless and unforgettable. Their expertise and careful planning really showed, and we are extremely satisfied with how they brought our vision for this trip to fruition!

Casey & Kyle (USA) - October 2022 - W Circuit
Casey & Kyle (USA)

Casey & Kyle (USA)

October 2022, W Circuit trip
My husband and I did the W trek through Hello Patagonia for my 40th birthday. I had never done anything like this before! I didn’t know what the W would be like, but Leslie made us well prepared with gear, refugios, meals, arrival, departure, etc. We were READY! Dropped off by our driver, he just said “it’s a beautiful day for a walk!”  –  and we were off. Day one was a beautiful day as we climbed to see the Torres in the beautiful aqua blue, and as we descended we came back to the refugio, we arrived to cheered with a beer to a job well done.

But nothing could have prepared us for the 100 mile per hour winds that would greet us on the second day. Laughing (and almost crying) we were thrown to our knees by mother nature and what a wild ride!! From sunshine and calm weather, to snow and whipping wind, we continued on our path.

This is the magic of Patagonia. And we were so honored to witness it.
Arriving at our refugio on day 4, we really understood how valuable Hello Patagonia was to us. Other travelers were arriving tired and spent, as their guide was telling them they had to upgrade to spend the night inside as the weather was treacherous outside. The hikers were frustrated and mad, as we effortlessly checked into our room with ease.

I spent my birthday arriving at the glacier with epic views, jumping, (and almost crying again) and screaming at how epically beautiful the scenery was.

We finished the day by kayaking through the glacier, and toasting with a glacier ice gin and tonic for my birthday and it was something I will never forget.

We made our way to the end of the trail and I finally let the tears stream down my cheeks with my accomplishment. We did it. Because of Hello Patagonia, we got to experience the Torres del Paine seamlessly. We were prepared for every step of the way, and as a new hiker, I cannot stress how grateful I am that we chose them.

The trail has become a part of the story of our lives and we will never stop telling it.

Casey & Kyle are so awesome that they let us share this beautiful video they made!

Jen & Jamie (Canada) - February 2019 - Paine O Circuit
Jen & Jaime (Canada)

Jen & Jaime (Canada)

February 2019, Paine O Circuit

After months of researching Chile, Patagonia and the O trek and narrowing down our vacation dates, we found Hello Patagonia and our planning became much easier! Leslie was fast to reply to any questions we had and even arranged private transport for us to Torres del Paine so we could get an early hike in before starting the O trek.

The equipment we received from Hello Patagonia was in great condition, and the food & snacks Leslie packed for us were fantastic.

After answering all of our questions, we headed back to the hostel, packed up and slept a few hours before getting early transport to TdP. The hike started Feb 14th, and experienced a lot of rain. A lot of rain. By the time we made it to Refugio Grey 4 days later we found out how much rain had come through the rest of the park!  So bad that the entrance road between Laguna Amarga and Las Torres was flooded and they were using boats to transport people. As a result, the French Valley and the Las Torres Mirador were closed due to flooding.

Park Rangers at Grey were unsure if we would be able to continue our trek, or if we would have to leave via the Ferry at Paine Grande. Thankfully Refugio Grey has an internet connection. So, we emailed Leslie a heads up and asked if she could find us a hostel if we have to leave TdP early. Again, she was quick to reply and help us out in our unfortunate situation. With so many people leaving the park, Puerto Natales was getting booked up fast.

She was able to hold a booking until 11am the following day so we could speak to the rangers and determine if we keep hiking or if we leave. Hello Patagonia’s efforts in finding us a place to stay on very short notice was such a good feeling.

With limited internet and having to keep hiking, it was great to know we would have a place to sleep if we had to leave.

Reaching Paine Grande we checked with the Rangers and found out we can keep hiking, the forecast was better. We emailed Leslie to let her know the reservation could be cancelled and we would see her in a few days.

Cannot say enough good things about Hello Patagonia!

If we make it back down to Chile to hike TdP again (we want to!) We will absolutely be booking with them again.

Lauren & Shannon (USA) - February 2018 – W trek + Ice Hike
Lauren & Shannon (USA)

Lauren & Shannon (USA)

February 2018 – W trek + Ice Hike trip

Using Hello Patagonia was one of the best decisions we made when planning our trip. My best friend and I were trying to book this trip fairly last minute, had never been to Chile before, and initially we were very overwhelmed with all of the decisions we had to make and information we had to sift through. Surfing the web, we stumbled upon Hello Patagonia in the middle of our search, and we are so glad we did!

Once we reached out to Hello Patagonia, Leslie jumped right in and made this tedious planning process easy, customizable and fun.

Not only did she help us figure out the best route/direction to take the “W”, but she also figured out all of our transportation, meals and lodging. A lot of the places we tried to stay were full or filling up quickly, and Leslie still managed to get us a spot. She provided us with a list of what to pack/what to remember, and truly covered all of the details of the trip (even the things we forgot to think about for ourselves!).

Certainly, meeting with them beforehand was really helpful.

It made us feel really excited and confident about all of the travel plans and arrangements. The team helped us schedule the Ice Hike at the end of our “W” trek and it was AMAZING. It was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done/one of our favorite parts of the trip. Extremely unique to experience, therefore, I would definitely recommend to anyone doing the trek.

My friend and I have traveled extensively, and this was by far one of the best trips I’ve ever been on – Hello Patagonia made it happen for us!

Lynn & Elise (USA) - February 2018 - Paine O Circuit
Lynn & Elise (USA)

Lynn & Elise (USA)

February 2018, Paine O Circuit

My daughter and I wanted to hike the ‘O’ trek in Torres del Paine Park in Patagonia. We waited until the last minute to plan it, then got very frustrated trying to reserve all the necessary camp sites on three different sites. Luckly I found Hello Patagonia. Leslie was the only reason we were able to make the 8 day trek – she worked extremely hard and quickly to secure us the reservations we needed.

It’s helpful to work with someone located in and familiar with Puerto Natales, consequently, people who could answer all of our questions about transportation, hotel recommendations, and best places to eat.

We have backpacking experience and didn’t need a guide,

So, Hello Patagonia gave us the flexibility to do the trip we wanted but took care of all the details. We ended up staying in platform tents and refugios, as a result, had an unforgettable experience. It was cost efficient and money very well spent.

My recommendation: I highly recommend the services of Leslie and Hello Patagonia!!

Avery (USA) - December 2018 - Paine O Circuit + 3 day Kayak
Avery (USA)

Avery (USA)

December 2018, Paine O Circuit + 3 day Kayak trip
Patagonia Kayak

Oh my goodness I do not know where to start.

You did an absolutely amazing job helping me plan the perfect trip. After a very hectic four years, I wanted a chance to be in a beautiful to have a moment to think.  The trek and the kayaking provided just that.  It was so nice to have the ability to take time to really look at and ponder the wonders of nature in a breath taking landscape.  Thank you for all of your help arranging the bookings and for creating a spectacular trip.
Your love of Patagonia is infectious.  I feel incredible fortunate to have gotten you and Seda as my kayak guides.  Also, I love the fact you and Diego go to join the trip and be the engine of my boat.
Aishwarya & Akash (India) - December 2017 - Short W Circuit + Ice Hike
Aishwarya & Akash (India)

Aishwarya & Akash (India)

December 2017 – Short W Circuit + Ice Hike
Leslie helped us plan a super last minute self-guided W trek. She did an amazing job finding us accommodations at the Refugios when everything was full during peak holiday season. She made sure she fitted all our requests in for the glacier hikes and kayak trips. She was super responsive and was fantastic to work with through the uncertainty of our travel plans. All the instructions were impeccable and we were as prepared as can be for the unpredictable weather of Patagonia.

She met us at the office the day before our departure and explained everything in detail.

She even had a to-go lunch prepared for us for the hike the next day! We couldn’t have asked for anything better for our first time in Patagonia.
The only regret I have is not doing the multi-day kayak trip with kayak en Patagonia. But I’m sure we’ll be back and these guys are a big part of our fantastic experience. Thank you Hello Patagonia!!”
Nathan (Canada) - December 2017 – Paine O Circuit solo
Nathan (Canada)

Nathan (Canada)

December 2017 – Paine O Circuit trip

Hello Patagonia helped make my o-trek very easy to plan. Leslie was great! She booked all my sites, provided excellent advice and was very accessible with questions.

I strongly recommend the trek and using this service to make it an easy and memorable adventure

Aditya & friends (India) - November 2017 – Custom W Circuit + Kayak
Aditya & friends (India)

Aditya & friends (India)

November 2017 – Custom W trek + Kayak

Leslie and the Hello Patagonia team did an absolutely fantastic job of organizing our W Trek at Torres Del Paine. The team was very professional, prompt and gave us some great tips on how to make the best of our trip.

We had a few hiccups with our planned kayaking leg because of bad weather, which also they managed/organized around so that we had a seamless trip. They took care of everything – bus tickets from the airport, car transfers, accommodation, etc.

Could not recommend highly enough.

Brian & Family (USA) - December, 2016 – Short W trek trip
Brian & Family (USA)

Brian & Family (USA)

December, 2016 – Short W trek trip

My wife and I were planning a trip to Chile to visit our son who was completing a semester abroad.

Our trip itinerary included Viña Del Mar, Santiago and Patagonia. We had no problems planning for Viña Del Mar and Santiago but struggled mightily with Patagonia and Torres Del Paine. After much research on the internet I came across a company by the name of Hello Patagonia that helped plan and coordinate self-guided tours. We budgeted four days in Torres Del Paine and thus only had time to trek the “W”.

Leslie, from Hello Patagonia, worked with us to develop an itinerary that included all daily treks, lodging, meals and transportation (bus and boat). All reservations were made by Leslie and went off without any problems. Also, we were very pleased with the interactions and dialog we had via email with Leslie. She was very responsive and addressed all our questions and concerns.

Hello’s planning and communications allowed us to relax and feel confident that the Patagonia portion of our trip was going to proceed smoothly.

Upon arriving in Puerto Natales and checking into our Hostel (which was arranged by Hello and was wonderful) we proceeded to the Hello Patagonia offices were we finally got to meet Leslie. Leslie is a very engaging and charismatic individual who clearly loves what she does. She walked us through the itinerary again to make sure we fully understood what the plan was for the next four days and answered any questions we had. Leslie provided us with vouchers for the buses, boats and lodging for our trip.

Additionally, Leslie made sure we had all the necessary clothing and trekking equipment we needed and assisted us with some items she felt would be beneficial.

We were also grateful for a fantastic local restaurant reservation where we experienced the most delicious Patagonian lamb. Not to be missed.

Overall the trip was fantastic. Torres Del Paine was absolutely beautiful. The refuges that we stayed at were very comfortable. We all agreed that the food served at the refuges was first rate and very substantial. The fact that we could get beer, wine or a pisco sour at the end of a day of trekking was most enjoyable. Hello Patagonia, and particularly Leslie, made the trip to Patagonia a true pleasure. By handling all the planning and lodging reservations it allowed us to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Without hesitation I would utilize Hello Patagonia again if we are ever so fortunate to return to Patagonia.

Greg (USA) - March 2016 – Short W circuit
Greg (USA)

Greg (USA)

March 2016 – Essential W trek trip
Base of the Paine Towers

You guys are great. Planning a trip on the other side of the planet is no small task.

Hello Patagonia’s patience with all of my questions was wonderful. Also, their suggestions and local knowledge made for a seamless amazing trip. I have wanted to go to Patagonia for many years and now that I’ve been there I have nothing but great memories and great experiences.

If you want someone who you can trust, is reasonably priced, local and is very helpful contact Hello Patagonia.

Ash & Amy (Australia) - January 2016 - W circuit + kayak & ice hike
Ash & Amy (Australia)

Ash & Amy (Australia)

January 2016, W circuit + kayak + ice hike trip

My Partner and I decided to hike the ‘W circuit’ in Patagonia last year and became overwhelmed by all of the options for organized tours available. Many of them were very expensive and had specific dates for departure. We knew nothing about Patagonia and the logistics of hiking the ‘W trek’ and so wanted some guidance, but we didn’t want to be constrained by a tour group.

After much research we came across Hello Patagonia.

First of all, their business model was exactly what we were after because they took care of all the organization and logistics of our trip, but allowed it to be flexible to suit us. We were confident that all of our transport, camping and food was organized for us, but we still got the experience of hiking and camping on our own. We were able to meet lots of other hikers and campers along the trail and during dinner, but we were also able to make our own time each day.

Lesley was extremely helpful and friendly. She always emailed us back promptly, answered all of our questions and provided us with extra hiking equipment we didn’t have.

Hello Patagonia was easy to work with, therefore, the best option for us to hike the ‘W circuit’.

We would definitely recommend our friends who travel to Torres del Paine to Hello Patagonia.

Julie, Laura and Mark (Australia) - January 2016 – W circuit + Kayak
Julie, Laura and Mark (Australia)

Julie, Laura and Mark (Australia)

January 2016 – W trek + Kayak trip

We thoroughly recommend Hello Patagonia to anyone wanting first class service, excellent communication and excellent organization. We did a self- guided Wtrek in January and every detail went perfectly. The briefing beforehand was invaluable. It was the highlight of our trip to south America.

Don’t miss kayaking at grey glacier, its unbelievable!

Lila and Justin (USA) - November 2015 – Trek + Kayak trip
Lila and Justin (USA)

Lila and Justin (USA)

November 2015 – Trek + Kayak trip

My love for Patagonia would not be the same if it wasn’t for my experience with Hello Patagonia.

A good friend recommended contacting Leslie and the trip through Hello Patagonia ended up being a highlight on our South American adventure. From our first communication until we finished our adventure, HP were lovely to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

As a first time traveler to Chile, I had many questions in deciding the right trek for us and Leslie was great with communication. Firstly, she promptly returned our emails and with her knowledge we picked the best trip according to our timeline and interest, which was the Towers trek and a kayak trip.

We needed to choose an outfitter who would provide us with all the necessary gear we needed but didn’t want to carry around on the rest of our trip in South America. As a backpacker wanting to pack lightly, that is a huge plus and worth the expense alone. From the packed lunch, the gear, and our ride to our overnight location.

We felt well taken care of, allowing us to focus on the good stuff!

The tent, sleeping bags, and even the tasty meal prepared for us after a long hike were beyond our expectations and of course with a view you can’t beat.

Our kayaking trip was cancelled due to wind and it was the right thing to do and a good professional decision made by the team; one that my brother and I were just fine with and understood. Just walking around the glaciers, hearing the stories, and meeting the guides ended our day with a smile. Therefore, I highly recommend the Hello Patagonia team; on my next Patagonia adventure I won’t hesitate to contact them.

They make getting outside and exploring their beautiful region easy, worth the cost, and what all trips should be…stress-free!

With Hello Patagonia you can focus on the beauty of the mountains and all the goodness that comes from being outdoors.

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