Paine Circuit

The Paine Circuit includes the world famous W trek, but also, it goes around the Massif exploring some of the the wildest areas in the park. This is definitely an adventure for the brave and the nature lovers!

Day 1 / Base of the Towers

This trip starts in Puerto Natales, a lovely town on the Señoret Channel. At 7:30 am, you will take a public bus (2,5 hrs) to Torres del Paine National Park, (Check in at Bus Terminal at 7:00 am,

Transportation from accommodation to the terminal not included) which was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1978. The entrance fee to the park is not included. From Laguna Amarga, you will have to take a shuttle to Las Torres (not included) Today, you will trek the most famous trail in Paine: The Base of the Towers. The trek is an uphill almost all the way, but it is completely worth it when you get to the Towers Lookout! a unique view.

7 hrs round trip, 19 km (700m altitude gain)

Highlights: Wildlife, Almirante Nieto mountain, Paine Towers.

Accommodation: Camping (gear included) or Refuge options available

(lunch box and dinner included)


Day 2 / Seron

You will have the hole day to trek from Las torres to Seron Campsite. Still, it is a good idea to start trekking early so you find a good spot at the campsite. This is a really soft trail that goes next to Paine River trough plains and small forests.

4 hrs, 9 km (300m altitude gain)

Highlights: Paine Hill, Paine River

Accommodation: Camping (gear included)

(Breakfast, lunch box and dinner included)


Day 3 / Dickson

The trail to Dickson goes next to Paine River on the first section. You will have beautiful views of the back side of Paine Massif including: Oggioni Mountain and “Cerro de Indio”.

The campsite is located on a nice plain very close to Dickson Lake. Depending on the time of the year, it is very likely to see many different types of wild flowers including orchids on the way.

4 hrs, 9 km (300m altitude gain)

Highlights: Oggioni and “Cabeza de Indio” mountains, Dickson Lake

Accommodation: Camping (gear included) or Refuge options available

(Breakfast, lunch box and dinner included)


Day 4 / Los Perros

Today you will have a soft trek to gain back your strength and prepare for the John Gardner´s pass for the next day, which will be one of the most demanding days in the circuit. So, you will be able to enjoy this amazing trail that goes through some of the biggest native forests in the park. Ancient trees that will make you feel tiny. Before getting to camp, you will get to Los Perros Glacier, which hangs from the mountain to a lagoon.


* There are no foods facilities in Los Perros Campsite, cooking will have to be on your own. (Let us know if you need us to provide some cooking gear).

4 hrs, 9 km (450m altitude gain)

Highlights: Los Perros Glacier, Native Forests

Accommodation: Camping (gear included)

(Breakfast and lunch box included)


Day 5 / John Gardner’s Pass (1,350 m) / Grey Glacier

Today you will have a long but rewarding trek! The trail goes across some native forests, then the forests end and you will trek on a moraine. (rocks). The trail is very well marked all the way to The John Gardner’s Mountain Pass. Maybe you can find some snow and mud so, the use of gaiters and trekking poles are recommended. The view from the top is just stunning: Grey Glacier and the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. After this, the trail goes down to Grey Refuge which is very close to Grey Lake.

9 to 10 hrs, 22 km (800m altitude gain)

Highlights: Southern Patagonian Ice field, Grey Glacier, Olguin Range.

Accommodation: Camping (gear included) or Refuge option available

(Dinner included)


Day 6 / Paine Grande

Today you will recuperate with this beautiful and soft trek. It goes along Grey Lake, which has huge blue icebergs floating on it’s waters. There will be many viewpoints to the Galcier and for Paine Grande Mountain along the way.

4 hrs, 11 km (400m altitude gain)

Highlights: Grey Glacier, Paine Grande, Grey Lake, Icebergs

Accommodation: Camping (gear included) or Refuge option available

(Breakfast, lunch box and dinner included)


Day 7 / Paine Horns, French Valley

Today you will discover the stunning French Valley. You will be able to see the French Glacier and its constant avalanches. These names refer to famous climbing expeditions that set up base camps when they came to climb the various granite faces in this Valley. You will get to an incredible lookout, which offers a panoramic view of the western sector of the French Valley and the mountains such as the North Peak of Paine Grande, Castillo (Castle), Cota 2000, Catedral, Aleta del Tiburon (Shark’s Fin) amongst other granite peaks. After exploring the valley, you will get closer to the Famous Paine Horns, the trail goes a little more until you get to Frances Domes.

8 to 9 hrs 26 km  (500 m altitude gain)

Highlights: Pehoe Lake, Paine Horns, Paine Grande Mountain, French Glacier.

Accommodation: Camping (gear included) or Refuge option available

(Breakfast, lunch box and dinner included)


Day 8 / Paine Horns

Today you will say goodbye to Paine with this lovely trek that goes next to Nordenskjold Lake. When you see the huge Almirante Nieto Mountain, you will be close to the end.

You can catch a shuttle to Laguna Amarga at the front of Las Torres Refuge at the end of the trail (not included) At Laguna Amarga you will get on the bus back to Puerto Natales (14:30)

4 to 5 hours, (14 km)

Arrival to Puerto Natales: 22:00 hrs

Highlights: Nordenskjold Lake, Paine Horns, Almirante Nieto Mountain

(Breakfast and lunch box included)


End of Paine Circuit trip.

What's Included
  • Pre-trip support & logistics
  • Full itinerary (according to your flexible dates)
  • Accommodation Campsites with gear included (tent, sleeping bag, mattress) or Refuges options
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Special Travel Guide Book (pdf document) with: The best local tips for your itinerary, what to bring and what to wear recommendations, map details, cool info of the area & emergency contacts.
  • On Site Briefing We will meet with you when you come to Patagonia before your trip to solve all your questions!
“We have backpacking experience and didn’t need a guide, and Hello Patagonia gave us the flexibility to do the trip we wanted but took care of all the details. We ended up staying in platform tents and refugios and had an unforgettable experience. It was cost efficient and money very well spent.”
Lynn Miranda (USA)February 2018 - Paine Circuit trip

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