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Hello Patagonia is a local company based in Puerto Natales, Chilean Patagonia.

We specialize in Self-Guided trips at Torres del Paine National Park: W trek, Paine O Circuit and other hidden trails!

Let us be your local support team on your adventure at the end of the world!

Patagonia hiking

We do all the hard work; logistics, bookings, tickets, transportation, etc. So you can just enjoy this amazing place!

Self-Guided W Circuit, Paine O Circuit, Ice Hiking and Kayak trips!

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Are you an experienced hiker? Have you only done one or two trips? No worries! we have the right trip for you! Chilean Patagonia is a very friendly place. There’s no altitude issues, since we are almost at sea level. The trails at the National Park are very well marked because many people hike them every year.

Patagonia Hiking is also great cause there’s no poisonous animals that could hurt you, Southern Patagonia has no snakes for example!. The main thing we have to respect and consider in Patagonia is Weather. Therefore, we will advise you on what kind of gear you have to bring along, and we’ll check the forecast for your trip before you start at our briefing. As a result, you will be ready to have an amazing Patagonia adventure! even if it rains or our world famous Patagonia winds blow hard, you’ll be ready to enjoy this wild corner of the natural world. Always knowing that you count on us if you need anything before or during your trip!

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You did an absolutely amazing job helping me plan the perfect Patagonia self guided hiking trip. It was so nice to have the ability to take time to really look at and ponder the wonders of nature in a breath taking landscape. Your love of Patagonia is infectious, thanks!

There’s nothing like the real life experience!

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